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Boneyard - Slide. Spin. Win.
by Rebel Drone, LLC in Games
Reviewed by Tyson
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by Tyson

Boneyard is a great app to work on your speed and ability to count. Working with Dominoes, and limited space, you have to connect ends with the same amount of dots to clear them.

The aim of Boneyards is to beat the game as fast as you can, and with as many points as you can scramble together. The tiles in Dominoes are called bones, hence the name Boneyard! The yard is has 8 bomes in a 3 by 3 area, giving you one empty space. To gain points, you have to connect bones with the same dots.

There are several moves you can make with the bones. You can slide adjacent bones to the empty space, you can tap and hold the bones to rotate them, and you can tap the bones to raise them. This last move is what you must do in order to get your points. When you raise two or more bones, ones which must match each other, you can then push the green check to get points and remove those bones. New bones will appear until you run out. The number of bones left are shown in the top left corner of the screen.
The time starts at the beginning and will go until you either win or lose the game. There are goals to beat the game, and the number of moves it takes are counted in the top left screen as well. You score is shown in the top right.

There are special ways to gain extra points. You can get multipliers, double down, get in the zone, or clean the slate. Each of these can give you score boosters, or get you out of a jam. Using the specials strategically, will give you the best run for your money. You can also do an Undo, however, this will cause you to lose points as well, so use it wisely. Multipliers will increase the faster you play, and will decrease if you take to long to make a score.

When you run out of bones, you have completed the game. You can lose and this will happen if you are left with bones that don’t match then its game over.

I recommend the tutorial, which you can select on the main menu. This gives you the ins and outs of Boneyard. It lets you learn by playing, and instructions on how to play. The tutorial also describes the Power ups in detail so you will learn to to strategically play them. A fun feature with this app is that you can change the background and the bones in the boneyard. You can switch these in the settings bar, located in the main menu. Some pics that are online show that the tiles can have numbers on them instead of dots, but I was not able to find how to switch this setting.

There are several sets you can play. Once you have accomplished all the goals in the Double six, you can move to Double 9, 12, or 18. The larger tile sets are more challenging but also offer much higher scoring potential. In these higher sets, the tiles have larger numbers of dots on the sides of them.


"Boneyard ... is a refreshingly fun puzzle game that puts an exciting twist to the game of dominoes." -

Easy to pick up, hard to master and harder still to put back down, Boneyard is a game with a simple concept:

• Match dominos with similar values to remove them from the play field.

• Continue matching tiles until all the tiles are scored and removed.

Simple enough, but to achieve the highest scores you'll have to master the ability to match larger groups of tiles in a single move, and do it quickly!

Taking elements from traditional Domino games, Mahjong, and sliding tile style puzzles, Boneyard is an original matching game played with dominos where players attempt to achieve the highest possible scores by matching and removing the tiles from the play field.

Players are allowed to slide tiles into empty spaces and rotate tiles around their center to create runs of matched tiles for scoring. Identifying and scoring tiles quicker will earn players higher multipliers and higher end game scores. The game can be played using any of Double 6, Double 9, Double 12, Double 15 or Double 18 domino sets, with the difficulty and scoring potential increasing as the set size increases.

Boneyard's OpenFeint integration provides achievements, leaderboards, and the ability for players to exchange challenges with their friends. OpenFeint also provides support for offline achievements and integrated Game Center synchronization, all in a polished interface that is familiar to gamers across multiple platforms.

Gameplay Demo Video

Tutorial Series Part 1 - Basic Gameplay

Tutorial Series Part 2 - Scoring and Multipliers

Tutorial Series Part 3 - Power Ups

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