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Magic Sorter
by Igromatic in Games
Reviewed by Sidney
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by Sidney

Magic Sorter by Igromatic is an iPad application designed for children ages 4+. Magic Sorter includes 5 fun educational games within the app including Shape, Silhouette, Size, Puzzles and Color. This app has also hit #1 for educational apps in the United States! It has a stunning graphics with playful tunes in the background.

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Using the educational shape game is great to help kids learn different shapes. It is randomizes the shapes and order of the shapes each time you enter or restart the game. It is very easy to manoeuvre around; you simply slide the object into the correct outline of the shape. You will hear a correct/incorrect sound when placing the object. If this becomes less challenging for your child simply move on to the silhouette game! This is where you will have to match much more difficult shapes together including various sea creatures. Once you have completed each game you are greeted with a cheerful musical video congratulating you!

Moving on to the Size game is great because it helps your child differentiate from smallest to largest. You can also change up the object being used from 5 different sea creatures available. For the puzzle game you have to create the puzzle by connecting all the puzzle pieces correctly. It helps you out by showing you the faded picture. Only thing I could say that could make the puzzle game a little better is to increase the amount of puzzle pieces, or have the option of removing the background picture if you have completed the level to increase difficulty. Color is also a great educational mix where you have to match the correct coloured octopus with the correct colour location. There are a total of 6 different colours which I think could also be randomized similar to how the Shape game was randomized and changed to create an increased challenge. However with Color is does rotate the position of the octopus which creates a small challenge.

This app is definitely a 4.5/5 star rating for me; it had everything you want from an application. Beautiful design, manoeuvrability, graphics are stunning, playability is great. Simply one of the best apps out there for educational games! I would recommend this. Only thing I could suggest is creating more of a challenging atmosphere with levels, or score. Although I understand this is for much younger children.


* With 5 fun educational games built in (including puzzles, color, size and shape matching), this app will provide countless hours of fun to kids! *

* Turn your iPad into approved Teaching Tool for your Kids. *


*FAMIGO* An app that's clearly designed with toddlers in mind. The endearingly simple activities cover shapes, colors, animals and puzzles. There are cute animations that appear once you successfully complete an activity, which adds a nice touch.


MAGIC SORTER - Sea Tales - 5 in 1 helps develop important cognitive and fine motor skills by dragging & dropping objects to match the silhouettes. With parental assistance it can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the objects, sea animals, shapes and colors.

Recommended Ages: 1-3


✓ 5 different games that teach kids about color, shapes, sizes and matching

✓ Amazing animations and music as a reward

✓ no confusing menus or navigation

✓ Unlimited Play! The Fun Never Ends!

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